Nonfiction Software offers custom solutions to complex and knowledge-intensive problems. We use bleeding-edge technologies that have proven themselves in an academic setting and are currently making the leap to industry and business. We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise, since our software is no fiction.


Knowledge engineering

In an ever more complex society, specialized skills and expertise are key to success. The knowledge behind this expertise can be formalized as a knowledge base. This knowledge base acts as a tool to train future experts, to sanity check existing experts, and to gain insight in the problem domain at hand. To build a knowledge base, we employ DMN, cDMN, the IDP system, and years of expertise.

Combinatorial optimization and verification

The more complex the problem, the more powerful the software has to be to keep up. When current state-of-the-art optimization and verification tools struggle, the next generation has to take over. We exploit the novel conflict-drive cutting-planes learning algorithm implemented in the Exact system to tackle demanding timetabling and propagation problems.

Green energy

A top-secret project aimed at easing the energy transition for consumers. More information will follow soon!

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